Customised wash basins

The bathroom has become of increasing importance over the years. In the past, it was scarcely decorated and was devoid of design. Nowadays, the decoration of the bathroom is becoming much more important.

In Densificados, S.L we manufacture wash basins in accordance with the latest stylistic trends, with state-of-theart materials that are built to last for many years. They comply with the ISO Standard 19712, which guarantees the highest quality in solid surface products.

The worktops are made of high quality resin and mineral charges. The result is a resistant, lasting and smooth "solid surface". This material has the same structure and colour in all the piece of work, and for that reason, any damage in it can be easily repaired. Moreover, its surface without pores and joints avoids the appearance of mould and damp.

Versatility, easy repairable, stain and scratch resistance and healthy and hygienic properties are some of the advantages that other products such as marble or quartz do not have.

We offer a wide range of colours because we can produce them in any RAL colour.

RAL/NCS Colours

Colores RAL/NCS

All our sinks can be produced in any RAL or NCS colour.

5 year guarantee

Cinco años de garantía en lavabos y fregaderos

Our products are available for use in homes, hotels, businesses or vessels and are covered by a five year guarantee.

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